Investing €12 million to Supporting women leading deep tech startups from Europe

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About the scheme

Women TechEU is a 2-year EU-funded project supporting women leading deep tech startup companies from Europe.

Their mission is to create a more gender-balanced entrepreneurship ecosystem. We believe that diversity drives innovation, and we are here to provide women in deep tech with more opportunities, resources, and support to thrive.

The project consortium is launching 4 calls for applications over the span of 2 years which, following a rigorous evaluation process, will result in a total of 160 beneficiaries. Each beneficiary will receive €75k grants (non-dilutive finance) as well as a personalized business development programme which includes mentoring, coaching and targeted training among other options.

Taking over from the sterling work carried out in the past by the European Commission, The Women TechEU project is currently being led by a consortium of partners from 8 countries across Europe with the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency remaining its granting authority.

The consortium partners cover all the expertise and geographies needed to reach over 15000 women entrepreneurs in deep tech from all over Europe.

Led by EIT Manufacturing, it is strengthened with the participation of other KICs from EIT – Health, Food and Climate – leveraging the power of their network and landmark events.

We also count with the expertise from Sploro in cascade funding programmes. AcrossLimits will guide the communication and dissemination activities as well as link in the service delivery with Awaken Hub, who will coordinate an effort to evaluate over 1500 applicants in 4 different open calls.

The consortium is also complemented by a number of major networks of investors and women entrepreneurs – EBAN, AFAEMME, WA4STEAM and Finance Innovation.

Supporting women leading deep tech startups from Europe to grow into tomorrow’s tech leaders

and putting women at the forefront of deep tech in Europe

They are investing €12 million in equity-free grants, which will support  160 women-led deep tech companies. We also provide business support services to each grantee.


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