World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels from 15-18 April 2024

WCEF2024 – Turning circular visions into actions! The programme on 15 and 16 April consists of 4 plenaries and 16 parallel sessions guided by the latest scientific evidence, spiced up with 11 workshops hosted by our partners – plus a...

ACRID&K4I Event at the European Parliament 30-31 January – Supporting the Drivers of the Green and Digital Transition

The ACRID Network and K4I Forum are organizing the event called Supporting the Drivers of the Green and Digital Transition in Associated and Candidate Countries, that will take place in the 30 and 31 January 2024, European Parliament in Brussels...
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Latest News

Salt Batteries – A new generation of batteries may bolster the EU’s green ambitions

A green industrial future for Europe may depend on an element that is part of a household staple: table...
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