1-Agriculture and Agroeconomic Working Group

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The Chair of this working group is Prof. Dr. Kemal Celik

Dr. Kemal Celik holds a position of Professor at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey Animal Science Department Canakkale-Turkey. He has completed his Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Cukurova University, Turkey. His main area of interest focuses on Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Environmental Sciences. His area of expertise includes Animal Science, Feeds, Mycotoxins, GMO, Poultry Nutrition, Environmental Issues (heavy metals), and Ruminants. He has published 6 books, 54 research articles in journals, 39 national and international proceeding, and 15 projects contributed as author/co-author. Dr. Çelik is a member of several editorial boards and the founding editor Journal of Turkish Food Science , Journal of Nutrition and Scientific Journals International (SJI). He was coordinator and partner more than 10 EU projects and coordinator of 4 ongoing Erasmus+ project.


EU agricultural outlook 2019-30: societal demands driving food market developments, combining affordability, sustainability and convenience

The focus of an Agriculture and Agroeconomic Working Group would depend on the goals, objectives, and priorities of the organization or entity that has established the group. However, here are some potential areas of focus that such a working group could consider:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture Practices: One of the primary focuses could be promoting and implementing sustainable agricultural practices that ensure environmental conservation, efficient resource utilization, and long-term productivity.

  2. Market Access and Trade: The group could work on strategies to improve market access for agricultural products and facilitate fair trade practices, both at the local and international levels.

  3. Crop Diversification and Resilience: Encouraging diversification of crops can enhance food security and mitigate risks associated with climate change and pests.

  4. Technological Innovation: Exploring and promoting the adoption of innovative technologies such as precision agriculture, IoT (Internet of Things), and data analytics to improve efficiency and productivity in agriculture.

  5. Rural Development: Focusing on the economic development of rural areas by creating employment opportunities, improving infrastructure, and addressing challenges faced by rural communities.

  6. Value Chain Enhancement: Working on optimizing the entire agricultural value chain, from production to processing, distribution, and consumption, to ensure maximum economic benefit for all stakeholders.

  7. Policy Advocacy: Engaging with policymakers to influence agricultural policies that support the growth and sustainability of the sector.

  8. Risk Management: Developing strategies to manage risks associated with factors such as climate variability, market fluctuations, and input costs.

  9. Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering and analyzing data related to agricultural production, market trends, and economic indicators to make informed decisions.

  10. Capacity Building: Providing training and education to farmers, agribusinesses, and other stakeholders to enhance their skills and knowledge in agroeconomics and sustainable farming practices.

  11. Access to Finance: Facilitating access to financial resources for farmers and agribusinesses, which can help modernize farming techniques and increase productivity.

  12. Food Security and Nutrition: Addressing issues related to food security and nutrition by promoting the production of nutritious crops and improving access to diverse and healthy food options.

  13. Collaboration and Networking: Facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among different stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, policymakers, and businesses.


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