Horizon Europe – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions 08-09 November 2023

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About the event

The objective of this event is twofold: to brief you on the key management and procedural aspects of the project life cycle and on how to comply with the MSCA – DN rules under Horizon Europe and to raise awareness on networking opportunities and potential synergies.

This year, the MSCA-DN Coordinators’ Information Day will be split in two half-days:

8 November

This first plenary session will concentrate on the main rules and procedures governing Doctoral Networks (DNs) with a particular focus on the Horizon Europe novelties.

To prepare for this session, pre-recorded presentations on legal, operational and financial matters are already available under DN2022 Library . This will optimize the interactions on 8 November, where the session will be dedicated to answering questions on the above-mentioned subjects.

You can raise your questions through Slido, before and during the event. To do so, please go to slido, enter the event code #DNINFODAY. Then select the ‘room’ corresponding to your topic of interest. During the live session we will treat with priority questions that have been already submitted.

9 November

Α second plenary session will focus on raising awareness on networking opportunities and potential synergies.

The agenda will include presentations linked to the advantages of fostering networking and synergies, additional opportunities for the DN beneficiaries and/or doctoral candidates and successful examples of implemented synergies between DN projects at institutional level, MSCA programme level or between different EU programmes.

Please sign-up to this Platform to follow the event online. Streaming sessions will be accessible once logged in.


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