Meet the coolest professor Dr. Harun Baytekin from Canakkale University

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Meet the coolest Professor Dr. Harun Baytekin from Canakkale University.

In any situation, no matter what happened, you can never see him nervous or angry, he is always calm, and always smiling! He is an expert on bees, honey and bee products.
We call him Mr. Calm 🙂

As professor at the Agricultural Faculty and conducted EU projects on the renewable energy, environmental protection, waste assessment and also works as a producer of TV programs on topics mentioned. His research falls within different areas such as agricultural sciences, agriculture, plants, forage crops cultivation and breeding, grain forage c crops common. Dr. Baytekin has also carried out projects on the efficient use of renewable resources and energy production and has ı book on these areas. He has counseled students for 30 years and has lots articles (over 120) and books (International) and 35 national and 27projects including 10 EU projects in different fields. He is sufficiently experienced in EU projects as Coordinator, Co-Coordinator and Partner. He can speak English at a good level.

He receives the regard of MR CALM PERSON!

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